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How to find the Right Massage Therapist


There are a few things you should know before you invest in a long-term client/LMT relationship.

1.  Does the state you live in require a Therapist to be Licensed/Certified?

If so make sure your therapists license is current.  Some states require yearly renewal, other’s every 2 years.  Each state will also have a set amount of continuing education credits that each therapist is required to take in order to renew the licence or certification.  These CEU’s are to keep the therapist up to date on training in the massage field and on the rules/regulations that each state has in place.  Here in Florida, a Licensed Massage Therapist is required to have their Florida LMT number on business cards, any type of media, on display at any place they are currently employed as a massage therapist, and can be asked to show their license to any who would like to verify.  You may also go to your states website, or call, to find out if they require licensure/certification, and to see if there are any complaints or investigations against any prospective therapist.

2.  Does your prospective therapist carry liability insurance?

Some states require a Licensed/Certified Massage Therapist to carry liability insurance, some do not.  However it is my belief that liability insurance is a must.

3.  What types of massage modalities does the therapist practice, or have certifications in?

If you are looking for something specific, ask.  There are many different massage modalities, some require certifications, others just expand on the therapists skills.  Not all therapists practice all modalities.

4.  Do you feel comfortable with your massage therapist?

Here is the BIG one!  It is very important to feel comfortable, and at ease with your Massage Therapist.  Here are the questions to ask yourself 1) Is my massage therapist communicating with me?  Do they ask about your goals for your session, about pressure, are they focusing on what you asked them to focus on?  2)  Is my massage therapist listening to me?  A proper massage therapist will not only listen to your verbal request, but also what your muscles and tissues are saying to their touch.  3) Do I generally feel comfortable with my massage therapist?  Everyone has energy that they put off, and not all energies work well together.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like there is a connection/compatibility, or you are just not meshing with someone.  It’s perfectly natural not to “click” with every person you meet, but it is of the utmost importance you “click” with someone who will be working on you in an intimate manner, be it a Physician, Dentist, Massage Therapist, etc…

It’s perfectly ok to ask for a consultation before choosing to have a Massage Therapist work on you, if the therapist says no, then find another!

Good luck in your search for a Massage Therapist, I hope this information was helpful.  If you have anything to add I would love your input!