What to Expect at Your Very First Massage Therapy Session

I have had a request to aim this particular blog post toward those of you who have NEVER had massage therapy before.  I know that there are a few of you out there, and I am hoping to ease your mind and get you on the path to total mind & body health.  I know some of you may have some preconceived notions of massage.

First off let’s clarify, we use the term Massage Therapist, not masseuse.  Even if you are in France a Massage Therapist is called a Massotherapeute.  And we do not work in “parlors”!  We work in studios, spas, doctor/chiropractic offices, or even in your home.  Ok that’s out of the way.

Now, what can you expect from the first phone call to the massage therapy session itself.

1) First contact!  The therapist will ask you a few question about what you are looking for, relaxation, muscle pain relief, any specific areas you need targeted.  Then they will ask you briefly about your medical history.  Despite what you may think, your medical history is very important.  There are certain conditions and medications that can determine what type of massage you can have, or could prevent you from being a massage therapy recipient.  Depending on your history your therapist may ask for a physician release before taking you on as a client.  For instance if you happen to be on blood thinners you would not be able to get a deep tissue massage, you may be able to receive a light Swedish Massage however.  Remember always consult with your healthcare provider before starting, stopping, or adding any new therapies to your healthcare regimen.

2) The therapist may email you release forms, or have you arrive a bit early for your first session, to fill them out.  These are just so that the therapist has written permission to work on you and a written record of your medical history.  Please make sure you fill out as accurately as possible.

3) Before you even get on the massage therapy table(it’s not a bed), the therapist will consult with you about what your goals are for the session, and what your long-term goals are regarding massage therapy.  The therapist may check the range of motion if you are having problems in a joint area, or your neck, for example.  Make yourself clear, on what you are looking for, it makes it much easier for the therapist to do their job, and help you reach your massage therapy goals.  The therapist at this time will go over the plan for the session and ask if there are any areas you want avoided, for instance if you are ticklish on the bottom of your feet and would prefer not having your feet worked on, let the therapist know.

4) The therapist will explain the draping technique.  The therapist will only undrape the part of the body they are working on at the time.  WE DO NOT UNDRAPE THE GROIN AREA, OR THE FEMALE BREAST TISSUE(in some states this is done, if the client agrees, in order to work the chest muscles).  You may leave your underwear on, ladies it is easier for the therapist to work on your back and shoulders if your bra is removed.  Just to clarify, you probably show more skin at the beach.   The therapist will leave the room to let you undress and get on the table under the covers.

5) While on the table the therapist should ask you about pressure, too much?, too little?, let the therapist know if you need more or less, they won’t be offended.  If the therapist DOES NOT ask you about pressure and you need more or less PLEASE SPEAK UP, the goal is your comfort!

6) At the end of your session the therapist will leave the room so you may get dressed.  Get up slowly, sit up before you stand up, you may be a bit groggy.

7) Once you are dressed your therapist may go over a treatment plan, recommendations on frequency of massage, and give you some water to drink.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER IT WILL HELP TO FLUSH ANY TOXINS THAT HAVE BEEN RELEASED FROM YOUR BODY TISSUES

It is perfectly ok, and invited, to ask questions before, during, and after your session!!  So don’t be afraid to ask the why’s and what’s of your therapy session.  As a massage therapist I encourage my clients to be proactive in their health and wellness!

So go out and book your massage therapy session today!  (please read my previous blog about how to find the right therapist https://korenlesterlmt.wordpress.com/2013/07/17/how-to-find-the-right-massage-therapist/)


If you are in SW Florida call me to book an appointment today!  (239)537-4548  25% off your first session(new clients only, first session only, may be rescheduled once)!  I provide professional massage therapy in your home or office!  http://www.korenlesterlmt.massageplanet.com/

Be Well!

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